Wastewater treatment is to change the conditions of wastewater to
suitable conditions to does not cause harm to the environment

We provide high-performance chemicals of water treatment under the name “PW CLEAN”
Our special process is for metal contaminated wastewater treatment and DI/RO water production

Let’s make a good
environment with us


Control the quality of wastewater discharge after treatment that is environmentally friendly


Reduce the cost and control to be consistent with the treatment process


Easy to use, making it's possible to monitor the treatment system properly


Research & develop and design new conditions in accordance with applications


An accelerating agent with high coagulation performance and stability to spends less time in precipitation and reduces the stability of heavy metals, suspension, colloid.


A catalyst agent of precipitation for difficult to precipitate wastewater that contains heavy metals, complex substances and chrome that difficult to precipitate. It is a substance for additional improvement of coagulant process.


It is a high purity polymer (Cation, Anion) that can makes the sludge to precipitate easily and quickly. It can controls sediment amount to appropriate with removing process


Acid, Alkaline substance that is to adjust the treatment condition

Team support

  • Monitor usage on after-sales and adjust the chemical conditions to match with customer's machine
  • Train workers to handle chemicals correctly and efficiently
  • Consultation for wastewater management system by expert team
  • Solve problems about handling chemicals for 24 hours